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Github for work and play (multiple accounts)

If you’re not using github, you should start (see my intro for tips on getting going). One of the things that is likely to happen once you do get started is that you will want more than one account. This … Continue reading

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find and replace exact word in vim

I have spent the weekend updating some old code, and as usual it’s a bit of a mess … One of the problems I have had is that there is lots of stuff that have similar names, but do different … Continue reading

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Scheduling tasks with Mac’s launchd (moving on from cron)

With the move to OSX 10.8.2 I have finally given up on cron as a task scheduler. This post is part a record to help me remember, and partly a tutorial for others. Not that i think there’s anything wrong … Continue reading

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Iterm2 and tmux update

A new iTerm2 beta and associated tmux release occurred a few days back. You can find the downloads at the project page. I have updated the tutorial i posted a few months back, to reflect the (modest) changes — also, … Continue reading

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Making MacVim play nice with IPython (and friends)

I have had a devil of a time replicating my laptop setup on my desktop. The most frustrating issue has been a weird import error thrown when MacVim attempts to connect to IPython (the error is much broader than this, … Continue reading

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xml validation in vim

Vim is most famous for the steep learning curve, and only a little less famous for how useful it is.  Today, mucking about with xlm files in MacVim I discovered a nice validation trick. With the bar.xml open, you can … Continue reading

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Map escape to caps lock on a Mac (and other tricks)

A few months ago, Steve Losh posted on his keyboard setup. His setup is very intimidating impressive, but unfortunately his post was mostly of the ‘what I do’ variety, with Steve commenting that: I’m not going to give you a … Continue reading

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python for data analysis (numpy, scipy, pandas, ipython)

I am a big fan of John Cook’s blog, and as a result I’ve been intrigued about using Python for data analysis since his review of Wes McKinney’s Book of the same name (Wes wrote the Pandas module). I was, … Continue reading

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Install homebrew on your Mac (a tutorial)

The homebrew package manager for mac is seriously awesome. Setting it up is a bit tricky if you don’t know what to do — and hopefully this post will help. Step 1: The first thing you need to do is … Continue reading

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