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… developed countries and China lead the mitigation effort initially; all countries act by 2031.

Treasury, Carbon price modelling, July 2011, unnumbered page in chapter 3


Those Chinese f*ckers are trying to rat-f*ck us.

Kevin Rudd, on the actual actions of the Chinese at the Copenhagen
conference, December 2009


  1. So we’ll ignore the Chinese ETS will we? You know, the one we haven’t passed yet? Who’s the leader?

    1. China has pledged to reduce its carbon intensity of GDP by 40 to 45 per cent by 2020.

      For the CPRS modelling Treasury estimated that China would reduce this intensity by 31 per cent with no action on climate change from any country, see p. 34.

      So I am not sure how binding an ETS for the Chinese really will be. Might be good at generating carbon credits for us to buy though.

  2. “proponents argue that China has promised to do much more: It vowed to cut carbon intensity (the amount of emissions produced per dollar of gross domestic product) 40 to 45 percent by 2020. But this is essentially promising to do nothing new: IEA projections, using expected growth and development and absent any new policies, show carbon intensity already on track to fall 40 percent. Even with this reduction, by 2020 China will have quadrupled its emissions from 1990.

    China also aims for non-fossil-fuel energy sources to account for 11.4 percent of primary energy consumption by 2015. At best, this is a promise to slide backward merely slowly. Today, China gets 13 percent of its energy from non-fossil fuels, particularly biomass and hydropower, with a little nuclear energy and a minuscule amount of solar and wind power.”

    Source: http://goo.gl/qaxyf

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