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Concerning if true

A recent poll suggested that just over half of China’s citizens thought the next few years would see a “military dispute” with Japan. From today’s Australian Financial Review. Advertisements

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More support for early election

Following on from Ricardo’s post about an October election, the Fin reports this morning that: Some in the government wonder why there was such a rush to announce the carbon price change and dental programs this week. (One good reason … Continue reading

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Green math

Adam Bandt on Channel 10 this morning: What we do know is that, on the results we’ve seen so far, Melbourne has turned green for the first time ever. We have won the primary vote. Really? Greens primary vote at … Continue reading

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A long way from Geneva

I don’t think we will be paying negative bond rates on our debt anytime soon: Credit ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has warned it could cut Australia’s coveted AAA rating if the federal government abandons the budget surplus in response to … Continue reading

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Not good news

About 80,000 jobs below expectations and the 3rd negative miss in a row: Employers created a paltry 69,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department said on Friday, the fewest since May last year. Economists polled by Reuters had expected nonfarm … Continue reading

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All are innocent before guilty … though some are more innocent than others

It is reassuring that members of the Labor party have rediscovered the notion of innocent until proven guilty. I await their support to change many of those Acts in which they have reversed that traditional onus of proof. Take for … Continue reading

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Deakin still hovers over Australian economic policy

The Canberra consensus says that prior to the Hawke-Keating era, Australia’s economic policy was a wasteland of protective tariffs, over-regulation and bloated public sector monopolies. There is some truth in this but it is a simplification. Economic policy between WWII … Continue reading

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Whose side are THEY on?

I understand that the Labor party and the unions have a close relationship but who exactly is the “we” in this statement form Paul Howes: “I thought we were actually attacking these guys at the moment,” Mr Howes said. “Whose … Continue reading

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Ken thinks Euro is no go

Just watched the full Ken Henry interview with Chris Uhlmann on replay. Does anyone else think it strange that he decided to do an interview on the same day that Martin Parkinson gave his set piece budget reply speech? Anyway … Continue reading

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A BHP pre-emptive strike?

The word in Canberra is that a senior Gillard government cabinet Minister told resources executives a few weeks ago that the revenue numbers in the budget are overcooked and the government will be looking for more revenue in MYEFO to … Continue reading

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