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Adam Bandt on Channel 10 this morning:

What we do know is that, on the results we’ve seen so far, Melbourne has turned green for the first time ever. We have won the primary vote.


Greens primary vote at 2010 State election: 11,735

Greens primary vote at 2012 by-election: 9,909

But receiving 1,800 less votes so far is turning Green!

(There are around 1200 votes left to count from last night.)


  1. Lol problem is that your using solid reasoning, common sense and facts, all of which have no place in a debate about politics with the greens

  2. The bigger problem is that you used the word “math” – it’s “maths”. We don’t say “Green mathematic” do we?

  3. He was obviously talking about the proportion of the vote.
    They have won the primary vote thus far.
    Only 60% of the total vote has been counted.
    Perhap you didn’t read this very well.

    1. Won the primary vote? Damn. Thought the electorate was coming to its senses, the claim usual Green extremism.

    2. Won the primary vote? Damn. Thought the electorate was getting smart, that Bandt’s claim usual Green extremism.

  4. if 60.7% of votes have been counted then there are 17640 yet to be counted not 1200.

    If the current proportion of votes holds up until all votes are counted then they will end up with 16.338 votes.

    1. I think you might find that’s 60% of enrolment not of votes. Turnout was very low. Various news agencies are saying only 1200 votes to be counted.

  5. no matter what.
    you were wrong and Bandt was right.

    It could be the only thing they have been right on.

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