FT Harding interviews SF Fed Williams

The FT’s Robin Harding interviewed SF Fed’s Williams and came away more convinced that the Fed is on the verge of doing QE3.

Williams supports open ended balance sheet expansion – rather than an IOER cut (from 25bps to 0bps) or a UK style funding-for-lending scheme – with a focus on MBS.

This Friday’s Q2 GDP report is shaping up as the key to the August meeting’s outcome. It seems that the sensible centre of the FOMC is very close to voting for more action.

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6 Responses to FT Harding interviews SF Fed Williams

  1. Manny says:

    Open ended. Now we’re talking.

  2. On your Marx says:

    The San Francisco FED put out some impressive stuff.

    This is consistent with the Rudebusch approach as one might expect.

    • Ricardo says:

      I agree – i subscribe to their letters for this reason. They also put out the note about MBS basis widening undermining monetary policy – which has really turned the heat up on the subject of MBS purchases.

  3. Andrew says:

    “The pace of economic growth has been frustratingly slow and the recovery has lost momentum in recent months. The economy is weighed down by the ongoing European sovereign debt crisis and fiscal tightening in our own country. In these circumstances, it is essential that the Federal Reserve provide sufficient monetary accommodation to keep our economy moving towards the central bank’s maximum employment and price stability mandates.”

    From Williams’ introduction to his economic letter (the bulk of which was a pre-July meeting speech), posted on the same day. Seems he’s gearing up to push hard at the next meeting…


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