Differences run skin deep

“The Greens welcome President Obama to Australia for a visit that will be quite different to that of George W Bush,” Senator Brown said.


Richard Quest: Two politicians were asked to leave the chamber during President Bush’s speech in Canberra. One of them was Senator Bob Brown from the Green Party and he joins us now on the line from the Australian capital. Senator Brown, what did you shout at Mr Bush?

Bob Brown: Well I didn’t shout anything. I spoke very loudly so that President Bush got the message about the two Australians who are illegally held at Guantanamo Bay after President Bush repatriated the four Americans from that hell hole. But I did say to President Bush: “Respect Australia. Return the Australians to this nation for justice”, and “If you respect the world’s laws, the world will respect you”.
– CNN, 23 October 2003


On March 7, 2011 President Obama has given the green light to resume military trials, conducted by military officers, with a military judge presiding, of terror suspects detained at Guantánamo Bay.[227] He also signed an executive order that moved to set into law the already existing practice on Guantánamo of holding detainees indefinitely without charge … As of May 2011, 171 detainees remain at Guantanamo.


“We’ve got a president now who knows a lot more about equality and respect than his predecessor, George W Bush,” Senator Brown said


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1 Response to Differences run skin deep

  1. on your Marx says:

    I agree he should have shut down Gatmo but there is no similarity between military trials now and under Bush which I think were ruled illegal.

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