If you make it harder to do something, people will do less of it

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More evidence that scrapping WorkChoices has stopped more jobs being created:

LABOR’S federal workplace laws have led to increased labour costs, a rise in employee absenteeism and declining or flatlining productivity, according to a national survey of senior managers charged with implementing the new rules in their workplaces.

The annual survey of the nation’s human resource managers found that 47 per cent believed operating under the Fair Work Act would decrease the willingness of their organisation to employ people over the next three years. Only 6 per cent said it made them more willing to hire people.

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  1. The survey is a bit dubious.

    You can only strike in certain periods now when an EBA is n negotiation. Thus you need to take this into account.

    The offical labour cost index seems at odds with with this survey.

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