Bolt wrong on race

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I don’t agree with Andrew Bolt on the indigenous rugby league game. It’s not about race, any more than a State of Origin or an Ashes is. The indigenous team are proud of their culture and their people. Just like I am when I support the mighty Maroons. How many in a row have we won again?

I can see Bolt’s point, everything shouldn’t be reduced to race or culture but surely it’s simply about balance. Those indigenous people who condemn white people as the cause of all of their ills and reject the idea of living in harmony with them, are intolerant, and their views should be rejected. That was the face of the ugly Australia Day incident.

But tonight’s game has been a great antidote. It’s not just about footy. I don’t know the name of the indigenous lady who gave the evocative speech before the game but this line in particular resonated:

We can no longer blame the government for our own actions … we must end the violence against each other.

The indigenous players are great role models and hopefully many kids look up to them and see what you can achieve. For the record, at half time the indigenous boys are whipping the All Stars, 22-12.