I thought Qlders liked Kevin?

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There is a full list of suspected Rudd / Gillard supporters in today’s Australian (no link). Gillard is 47, Rudd 32 and 24 undecided. First time I have seen this.

What is most striking is that Kevin only gets 4 votes from Qld, including his own, and none of them are heavy hitters. Given that his return is supposed to lift Labor in Qld more than anywhere else, it just proves the rule that the more you know Kevin, the less you like him.

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  1. I make no claim to having any expertise in this area.

    The only thing I would say is that if Kev makes a come back then it is bye bye faction leaders.

    This being the case I would not think Kev will make a comeback.

    I would have thought it would be logical to do anything after July settles down.

    People have vastly overstated the cost and impact of the ETS, like they did with the GST.

    Given it will raise less than 5 times the revenue of the GST there is a real possibility they will get annoyed by being wood-ducked on this.

    The budget will be in the black unless Europe implodes.

    Thus it would make sense to wait and see what happens.

    Mind you if Rudd hadn’t been dumped no-one would think of another dumping.

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