It puts a rose on every cheek

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Speculation that the “Happy Little Vegemite” video was leaked by PM:

A Labor insider said the video could only have come from the Prime Minister’s office, which stores such clips.

Might have been just as likely to come from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Didn’t they hold a party on hearing the news that Kevin had been rolled?

I think it is a serious misstep if leaked by Gillard backers. Why would they want to keep the leadership stuff in the news. That is, unless they have decided to bring on a spill themselves …

UPDATE: Looks like PM will bring the spill on:

The Prime Minister is now expected to announce later this week a ballot will be held at the next Caucus meeting, scheduled for February 28, although it might be brought forward by a day.


  1. ha, i was just about to post on this!

    the theme of my commentary would have been that that it’s not so bad for Kevin. The stories of ‘Mental Kevin’ are much worse — in this he looks like a perfectionist, who quite reasonably wants plain english speeches.

  2. If it turms out that it was from the PMs office it could spell the end for Gillard…and if it was what were they thinking.

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