Bob Brown admits carbon tax will not change the temperature

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Bob Brown on the 730 Report tonight:

The activities of Ms Rinehart and Clive Palmer are threatening the whole future of this planet. I’m talking about not just the massive potential damage to the Great Barrier Reef, but I flew over their potential mine sites in central Queensland last week with Larissa Waters, and, you know… either of those mines is going to, when burnt overseas, the coal is burnt overseas, put greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which will completely cancel the carbon package we’ve just seen go through the Parliament …

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  1. Bob Brown admitted no such thing.

    Bob Brown is clearly making the (very valid) point that if Australia was serious about reducing global carbon emissions we’d do something about coal exports. If it was asbestos we were exporting, it would almost certainly stay in the ground. Is coal any less dangerous in the long term?

    I’m sick and tired of the extreme views on climate change and carbon pricing expressed at this blog, and have no doubt, your views are extreme.

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