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22 people in a cabinet is way too many. It only encourages bigger, more pointless government. What exactly will the CABINET Minister for Housing, Homelessness and Emergency Management do except make work for himself?

I also can’t stand Minister’s titles which do not mean anything. Explain what these Minister’s do? Digital Economy? Energy Efficiency? Climate Change? Sustainability? Communities? 

Like Judith Sloan, I would ideally limit the cabinet to 12 (and actually restrict titles to good, clear understandable nouns, defence, trade, etc). Indeed, I would consider expanding my cabinet to 13 if I could add the Minister for Minister’s not Being Given Silly Names. 

Here is my pick:

1. Prime Minister

2. Treasurer

3. Minister for Foreign Affairs

4. Minister for Defence

5. Minister for Trade (Customs under this portfolio)

6. Minister for Finance

7. Minister for Immigration

8. Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and National Development (Telco / NBN under this portfolio)

9. Minister for Agriculture, Industry, Resources and the Environment (help introudce some good competitive tension between economic and environmental issues, tourism also under this portfolio)

10. Minister for Health

11. Minister for Education

12. Minister for Home Affairs (including Centrelink / Welfare, Indigenous Affairs)



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