Men are pervs, women are gold diggers?


Where do you look when you gaze at the above picture of a woman?

Miratech have completed a study of where folks look — it turns out that men are pervs …


… And that women are gold diggers(?)


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2 Responses to Men are pervs, women are gold diggers?

  1. Rajat says:

    Not being a woman, but feeling free to generalise regardless, my guess is that women see such a woman with no ring as a ‘slut’/threat and such a woman with a ring as being a bimbo/confirmation that it helps to be a bimbo to get a man.

    I note that on the male heat map, more attention is given to her larger-looking right breast (left to us) than to the other.

    • Ricardo says:

      in the pdf, there’s a section on the face that i found very interesting. Women look more at the eyes and men at the lips. Perhaps that’s because men think first about kissing her, and women are assessing her character … that fits with the attention on the ring also.

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