Too big to sell

As anticipated for about a month now, S+P

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5 Responses to Too big to sell

  1. drpage says:

    Well, I suppose there is one other place to go … gold!

    And, how does this interact with the new Basel III requirements?

    • Ricardo says:

      The UST market is about 7.5tn, Gold would go up A LOT If there was even marginal diversification out of USTs and into Gold. Remember, production is trivial each year.

      For Basel 3 i think it’s a tiny development. For level 1 assets the ratings move won’t have an impact, however if there is a knock on impact down the ratings chain, it may bump some corps etc out of the level 2 asset class.

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  2. ssec says:

    Ah, yes, that currency that lost 6% in 4 days … I’d rather put my money in 10 years US$ ! :)

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