Gillard on notice

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First, Sportsbet suspended betting on Gillard being dumped before the end of the 2011.

Now, this morning, Gillard was all over the wires saying that she wasn’t going anywhere, that she is the best person for the job, has the full confidence of caucus, and that there is much to do.

Applying the principle that nothing confirms like an official denial — and that those with inside information cannot help themselves — I think it is fair to say that the movement against Gillard has regained momentum.

This makes sense of the fact that Smith and Conroy have been busy answering questions on matters well outside of their portfolios of late…

With Craig Thompson’s position untenable, and Gillard apparently having been aware of his impropriety years ago, I suppose the ALP is planning a fresher face for the looming election…

Sportsbet has the ALP at 3.30 (coalition 1.33) — which accounting for the bookies spread implies a 29% chance.