Paul is to Goldwater as …

Polls suggest that the 76 year old Ron Paul may win Iowa.  Surely, he’s too old to become president, however I see some hints of a Goldwater style revival for the GOP.  The US must confront its deep-seated economic and fiscal problems at some point, and what’s required for that task is leadership that will speak hard truths.

I don’t buy into much of what Paul says, but at least he’s being honest about economic situation.

I expect that Paul’s campaign will run out of steam, but it will be interesting for what it reveals about the possible future direction of the GOP.  Surely, politics is more difficult in times of privation – so a change of tactics from (especially) the Bush years is required.

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1 Response to Paul is to Goldwater as …

  1. On your Marx says:

    He seems to be as silly as the rest of them after-all he thought inflation would rise to high levels!

    Republicans seem as silly as the Germans in ignoring the 10930s if not Japan in the 90s

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