on the Roy Morgan random number generator …

Roy Morgan reckons that the unemployment rate fell 110bps to 8.2% in May… if you think that’s a joke, you’re right. This post does a great job of explaining all that’s wrong with the Roy Morgan ‘survey’.

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6 Responses to on the Roy Morgan random number generator …

  1. Matt Cowgill says:

    Your second link was the same as the first… I suspect you meant to link to this: http://labourchartdude.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/roy-morgan-unemployment-ratedont-waste.html

  2. On your Marx says:

    I don’t think anyone who has ever studied statistics has ever taken the Roy Morgan series seriously

    • Ricardo says:

      i spent some serious time trying to make something out of the survey a few years back… it was frustrating. his consumer sentiment survey seems to be as good as the WMI survey.

  3. On your Marx says:

    by the way tht is an interting blog.

    That is a different series and is more like comparing apples with apples

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