Laurie Oakes has heard about Gillard

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That receptical of ALP leaks, Laurie Oakes, has heard something too …

On Today this morning, he asked Gillard if she was confident of the Party’s support, adding that he understood that she was “actually ringing around in the last week of parliament just checking on your support, ringing Caucus members”.

Gillard said it was completely untrue of course. Read the interview here .

Meanwhile, Andrew Bolt reports that big money has been laid on Crean to be the new PM, and that betting has been suspended.

My source confirms that Crean is also a contender.


  1. Oh please, Andrew Bolt reports Simon Crean is challenging for the leadership?! If you’re gonna report rumours, please post something that’s vaguely credible. The ALP might be short of talent, but Crean has gotta be pretty close to the bottom of any list of potential leaders. Next you’ll be telling me Marn is a serious contender.

    Bolt is doing what Bolt does. Running his non-stop anti-Labor agenda. He’d post anything about anyone if he thought it would disadvantage the ALP.

    1. @Lorax — I relayed that Bolt said betting on Crean had been suspended. i didn’t speak to BetStar, but i did check and they are no longer showing a market for next ALP leader. i checked the price on Sportsbet, and Crean is indeed 11/1

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