Gillard equals Keating in unpopularity

The SMH reports that:

“Labor’s primary vote has hit a new record low of 26 per cent while Mr Abbott has opened up an 11-percentage point lead on Ms Gillard as the preferred prime minister …

Ms Gillard’s personal approval rating fell 3 points to 34 per cent and her disapproval rating rose 3 points to 62 per cent. This makes her as unpopular as Paul Keating during his final term in office

Gillard speaks, but doesn’t achieve even the first of these three.


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2 Responses to Gillard equals Keating in unpopularity

  1. Manny says:

    She used to be able to do all three. For some reason she lost the touch as PM.

    • Ricardo says:

      true. PM does funny things to folks. it was the ruin of Keating too — if he didn’t have Hewson to enjoy thrashing he probably could not have got out of bed for the end of his first term.

      i think folks struggle with success as much (or more) than disappointment.

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