Skilled vacancies slump in April

Macrobusiness posts on the slump in Skilled Vacancies. They fell 7%mom in April, declining in all States and in all sectors.

The comports with other leading indicators, and suggests to me that the unemployment rate will rise from here.

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4 Responses to Skilled vacancies slump in April

  1. On your Marx says:

    PAYG suggest the opposite

    • Ricardo says:

      I would not have thought that PAYG tax reciepts are a leading indicator. If you have links covering the various relationships, please post them to the comments section.

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  2. On your Marx says:

    They are only to March but they show Nominal growth on target and employment and wages a tad strong.
    I agree more a coincident indicator

    • Ricardo says:

      Chris joye has the CBA charts here. The relationship looks uneven at best – i suppose due to tax changes. In particular, i wonder about the so called strength in labour incomes, given the qld flood levy and a few other tax tweaks.

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