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IMF worries about mining bust, says AUD still 5% to 10% rich

Regardless of what you think of the institution, the IMF’s article IV consultation reports are useful as a source of information (and in particular for a summary of what the ‘official family’ is thinking). The Fund‘s 2013 Australia report reveals that staff … Continue reading

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Six (+1) fiscal charts: Australia v. the AAAs

Following on from yesterday’s (somewhat contentious) post, I am going to compare Australia with eight other nations that are rated AAA-stable by S&P (I used this list). Once again, I use the 2012 data from the IMF’s fiscal monitor — … Continue reading

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Four fiscal charts: Aus v. the World

With Australia’s 2013-14 budget only a day away, I figured it’s time to have a look at Australia relative to some comparable peers (note IMF data is made to be comparable across nations and so will not match up exactly … Continue reading

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IMF downgrades global growth

The January update to the IMF’s October World Economic Outlook is actually a downgrade. The cut is a modest 10bps per year: forecasts are now for global growth of 3.5% and 4.1% for 2013 and 2014. If you were looking … Continue reading

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This guy is a legend. I have nothing against giving more money to the IMF to help Europe but Australia should demand something in return. Why shouldn’t that something be changes to the common agricultural policy? If it is good … Continue reading

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