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not so hawkish (Q1’14 RBA SOMP)

Finding what you expect is a common failing of human beings — however I doubt it is wishful thinking that’s got me finding confirmation of my expectations in the RBA’s Q1’14 SOMP. As ever, the place to start with is … Continue reading

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The RBA’s Q2 SOMP — points to a 2.25% cash rate

The RBA today published their Q2 2013 SOMP. The bottom line is that every meeting is live, but i think they are more likely to await the Q2 CPI data before easing further. If there’s some bad demand side data, … Continue reading

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Q1’13 RBA SOMP: data v. the optimist

The RBA’s Q1 SOMP is an odd document. It is odd for two reasons: it breaks my policy rule of thumb (the RBA moves rates when they move their forecasts), and it contains an odd tension between optimism and reporting … Continue reading

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