1. Have a good break, Ricardo. Thanks for all your great blogging over 1H13. The question is whether you will be able to stay away that long. As you probably know, your mate Eric Falkenstein announced a holiday and then promptly launched about 3 posts in 3 hours.

    1. yep, i was thinking of EF when i wrote my blog-holiday note. i had added something along the lines of “we will see how long i can stay away …” but felt no need to tempt fate.

      i am going to put a bit of time into other stuff, so there’s higher risk of nerdy computing posts than macro stuff.

      catch you in a few weeks mate.

  2. Well deserved break, I will still be reading when you start blogging again. cheers
    PS use this time to clear your mind on NBN, ha, ha, ha! :)

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